How does Our Service Work?

To order an assignment, you need to go through some steps. The first step is to fill the order form. You then pay for the order through a credit card or PayPal. After paying, we assign the assignment to our professional writers. This is a process that takes little time. Our goal is to make the process even shorter especially for clients with urgent orders. Immediately we finish your order, we let you know through an email, then send it to you even before the deadline elapses.

Why should I choose you?

  The best thing about contact us is that you will receive high-quality assignments on time and at friendly prices. We strive to make sure that the assignment is plagiarism-free and that it meets the university standards. Our agency prides itself on having an international presence which is a result of the excellent services we offer. Students across the globe have trusted us with their assignments and can ascertain that we are the best.

How do I Ascertain that you will deliver as per your Promises?

  We have a quality assurance team that goes through each and every assignment to check on its quality. In case there are any errors, they give the assignment back to the writers for corrections then later, the assignment is delivered to you. We send the assignments to clients early enough which gives them time to go through the assignment and ascertain that it meets the required standards. In case of any revisions, they are free to send the assignment back to us. We will be glad to revise it.

How long will it take you to complete my Assignment?

  How soon we complete your assignment depends on its complexity or simplicity. There are those assignments that require thorough research while there are those that take little time. Our advice to all clients is for them to submit the assignments to us as soon as they get assigned for us to have enough time to work on it.

Will my Information be Safe with you?

  We value the client’s privacy thus strive to keep it confidential. We do not share your details with third parties so you can relax and engage us to work on your assignment. No one will know that we did the assignment for you.

How will I Know that the Content is Authentic?

  Once we are through with all assignments, we run them through Turnitin or Copyscape to warrant that they are original. You will receive assignments that are 100 %plagiarism-free. We even send attach a Turnitin report on the assignment which will ascertain that we delivered original work.

Do you work on Urgent Assignments?

  Ye,s we do. We work on assignments with both long and short deadlines. However, when the deadline is too short, you will have to dig deeper into your pocket.

How many orders can I place in a day?

  You are allowed to place as many orders as possible. We do not limit clients on the number of times they place orders. The number of assignments you entrust with us does not in any way affect the quality of the assignment.

Do you have a Refund Policy?

  We have a refund policy that gives direction on the circumstances that lead us to refund you. We apply it for genuine cases only.


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