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What is Nursing Personal Statement?


nursing personal statement is a document that defines you. You discover your strengths and weaknesses through the recorded scores. It is an important document since it determines whether you qualify for a given job as a nurse or not. A nursing personal statement determines whether you have met the set requirements or not.

What are the Nursing Personal Statement Examples?


When writing a nursing personal statement, a registered nurse must specify the area of nursing intended to work. You are to write a statement that falls under some of the following nursing personal statement examples:

  • Mental health nursing
  • Child nursing
  • Adult nursing
  • Midwifery nursing

What Should a Nursing Personal Statement Include?


As a student aspiring to become a nurse, it can be nerve-wracking and tiresome going through the application process and convince the admission staff to give you a chance to pursue your career in nursing at their university or college. Therefore, as you write your personal statement for nursing, keep in mind that you tell the admissions committee why you’re suitable to study at their nursing schools.

Remember that you can only write one personal statement for nursing; thus, you need to avoid mentioning any academic institution, be it universities, nursing schools, or colleges, by name. In case you have decided on similar subjects, avoid mentioning course titles and only generalize the subject. However, for different subjects, talk about identifiable common themes.

So, what can you include in your personal statement for nursing?

a. Address the Demands of the Course


For instance, if you’re writing about one of the nursing personal statement examples that are mental health, demonstrate the empathy and patience you can display on your patient. Use your experience where you have been required to be empathetic such as working at a shelter or engaging as a peer counselor at a high school.

b. Mention Why You Want to Study Nursing


At this point, you can share what has inspired you to aspire to be a clinical nurse or any other type of nurse practitioner. For instance, you may have a sickly sibling or relative who you have cared for and spurred your interest in nursing.

c. Keep it Clear and Precise


Using difficult quotations and too much vocabulary to decorate your statement is not necessary. Such things arent important since your statement should be from your own personal experience and talk more about you, thus speaking for itself. Ensure you do this by paying close attention to course details.

d. Show Your Knowledge of the Course


As you write your nursing application statement, ensure you’ve shown the admission staff that you know what the course entails and add by mentioning several specific subjects you would like to pursue. This shows you are serious in the course and not just walking in expecting to discover your likes as you proceed.

Therefore, by writing your personal statement for nursing, convince the admission team that you can bring something extra to the course. Do this by describing how your experiences have given you the skills that will be of help to you at the university. You can reach out to us for nursing personal statement writing services.

Tips for Writing Your Nursing School Personal Statement


As a nurse practitioner, managing several work streams such as patient care and administrative tasks will be your day-to-day responsibilities. Also, you will need to ensure you have well-organized treatment steps in a clinic. Therefore, writing an outstanding nursing personal statement that is clear and understandable will reflect that you have the right mindset for the nursing profession.

The following tips will help you craft an exceptional nursing personal statement for nursing.

1. Formulate a Reasonable Timeline


You will often find yourself procrastinating when creating a timeline for writing your personal statement for nursing since you feel like adding yet another thing to do on your full to-do list. Ensure you create some time for your statement since writing and reviewing it doesn’t take up much time.

Therefore, please make a point of starting it early and ensure your schedule is flexible. Doing this will help you complete several steps in advance and the entire statement before the deadline, thus preventing last-minute rush.

2. Use Specific Statements


Although most nursing schools and universities have an unrestricted prompt that allows the candidate boundless liberty to design the nursing school personal statement, you won’t essentially need to start from zero in crafting your nursing statement for the universities and schools have precise prompts.

However, there are possibly relatively a few characteristics of the prompt that you can address by changing parts or even whole paragraphs from your unrestricted nursing school personal statement. Reading prompts thoroughly and having a plan can save you significant time and effort in the personal statement writing process.

3. Have an Outline for the Statement


Don’t be that nursing student who will write directly without an outline of their work only to find the word count is extremely high with no idea what to remove or not. Instead, ensure you have written a rough outline of your nursing personal statement. By doing this, you’ll have a topic for each paragraph and an idea of the length of each paragraph.

Besides, if an idea pops in your head in the writing process, you will have the option of weighing it against the previously created outline and decide where to include it. In the end, you will have saved a good amount of time you would have spent trimming your statement to attain the required word count.

4. Avoid Talking About Always Wanting Nursing as a Kid


The most common phrase used by medical nursing applicants is always ‘I have always wanted to be a nurse since I was a kid.’ This statement is one that you should ensure not to include in your personal statement for a nursing program entry.

The statement is, in most cases, seen as a sure way to lose the interest of the university admission officers. Therefore, if you had included this in your school applications, I’m sorry, but it doesn’t belong; thus, it is necessary to take it out.

5. Always be Specific


Since all health nurses get things done for their patients, don’t expect the nursing school admission team to be persuaded by general statements. Therefore, you are required to show what you can do and not just tell. This means that as you are writing about your personal qualities and skills, ensure you have provided concrete examples.

Although your best examples are not related to any healthcare experience, please do not be shy to note it down and ensure you clarify how the experience is connected to the qualities you want to become a nurse.

6. Write About the Care


Being a nurse means dedicating yourself to caring for patients 24/7. With this in mind, you are to reciprocate that when writing your personal statement and convince the university tutors you are genuine and understand what qualifies you to be a professional nurse.

Things You Shouldn’t Include in Your Nursing School Personal Statement


As the time to apply for your nursing course elapses, you are faced with the most challenging task of advertising yourself on paper. You are bound to be in a frenzy of spending most time googling and trying to compile an outstanding nursing school personal statement. During this time, you should be careful not to include the following blunders in your statement:

1. Meaningless Lists


“I like cleaning and being in the hospital, so I want to study nursing.”

Such statements can be a direct reason for disqualification since you will appear not serious. Therefore, avoid listing something for the sake of it. Ensure you write a statement backed up by some evidence, for instance, of your experience, making you an ideal candidate.

2.  Being Negative


“I’m not the best with cleaning, but I care a lot.”

Avoid talking about your shortcomings, for they will look like excuses for what you haven’t done, thus underselling yourself. Write positive statements such as what you have achieved, thus portraying confidence.

3. Attempting to Be Funny


Trying to be funny might portray you as not a serious applicant, thus leading to disapproval from the admissions committee.

4. Stating the Obvious


“I’m caring because I love my pet.”

Such statements seem obvious and don’t make you, as an applicant, stand out from thousands of others who own pets. Write statements that expound more on your experiences without repeating yourself. For instance, “Having volunteered in an animal shelter, caring for others has been fulfilling and rewarding.”

5. Poor Spelling and Grammar


After writing your personal statement, make sure you spell-check yourself before submitting it. Your ability to proofread, as well as the time and effort you’ve put into your nursing application, will be questioned.

Incorrect spelling and grammar is something you can easily avoid by getting a friend, expert, or relative to proofread your personal statement.

How do You Write Supporting Information for a Nursing Job?


This section allows you to advertise yourself to the employment board, thus ensuring you have utilized it to the maximum. Here, you will include any special information about yourself that has not appeared on any other section of the statement. Insist on a demonstration of why you are the most suitable candidate and how you meet the required person specification.

Convince the job recruiters that you exceed the required knowledge, experience, and skills and that they should invite you for an interview without a second thought. Ensure you include details such as:

  • Duties and responsibilities
  • Skills, knowledge, and experience relevant to the post
  • Identify any employment gaps
  • Voluntary work you have engaged
  • Research, publication, and presentation experience.

Why look for Help from Our Nursing Personal Statement Writing Services?


Attaining poor grades in your assignment could dim your goal of achieving excellent grades in your nursing personal statement. This would mean shuttered dreams and lost hope. Failure to attain excellent scores could result from inadequacy in understanding questions, lack of time to work on the assignment, and when writing a personal statement is above your capability.

For this reason, students opt to look for help. Let us go through some of the reasons why students opt to look for help with their nursing personal statement;

1. Fear of Failure


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2. Assignment Being Above their Capability


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3. Limited Time


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Benefit from Engaging Our Nursing Personal Statement Services


Nursing students face different challenges when schooling, ranging from attending all classes, participating in extracurricular activities, and still having to work on their assignments. This becomes an uphill task for most students, and they may decide to look for assignment help with platforms like ours.

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Drafting a high-quality nursing statement can be challenging and time-consuming. It would help if you carried out a lot of research. Looking for help with a platform like ours will save you the hassle of working on the assignment by yourself and pulling all-nighters for some days.

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3. Plagiarism-free Assignments


Some students get overwhelmed with other studies and different assignments. Some tend to copy information from the internet, which may lead them to trouble. Plagiarism is an offense that may negatively impact the student’s career, thus ensuring that they deliver plagiarism-free work.

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4. Efficient and Professional Services


We all love perfection and excellence, especially when it is about assignments. Our team of expert writers strives to ensure that the nursing personal statement is written using the correct format and that you attain excellent scores. Why not contact our customer support team for more information?

5. High-Quality Statements


There are many nursing personal statement platforms available online. However, you need to be on the lookout for the few legit ones that can deliver what they promise, especially in terms of quality. Luckily, you don’t have to worry about this when working with us since our team of professional writers knows what makes an excellent personal statement of nursing.

We are familiar with the outline, mistakes, dos, and don’ts of writing a nursing personal statement due to our years of experience. This makes us one of the best nursing personal statement service providers. We provide students with papers that are guaranteed to earn them admission to that coveted nursing school.

6. Privacy


Before you place an order in any online personal statement writing service, ensure you have enough research on their privacy policy that protects your data from third parties. Although having your personal written isn’t illegal, the university admission team won’t be convinced to give you a spot in their school.

We have a strict security system that will protect your personal and financial data from reaching other parties.

7. Timely Delivery


When working with a reputable agency like ours, rest assured to receive your statement on time. We make sure that you receive it within the shortest time possible to have time to go through it. You can then point out any areas that require changes so that our team can work on them on time.

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