Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

 We are a team that values your privacy. We know every client’s concern about the safety of their details thus strives to keep them confidential. It is our duty to inform you about our website’s privacy policy so below are some of the things we do with your confidential information:

  • We keep your details and information within us all the time
  • Your personal information is never at any point shared with third parties
  • The tutor information remains within us

When does the Privacy Policy Apply?

The privacy policy applies when:

  • You use our website to request for assignment help
  • You use other available services on the website

How do we receive your Information?

We receive your information through your document the moment you engage us for assignment help. Our website automatically collects your information. The website collects your personal details such as phone number, IP address, location, and information regarding the device you use to access the website and also the areas you visit on the website. Also, the website collects nonpersonal information such as the amount of time spent on the website, the pages you view on the website, the date you visit, and the message history.

Why Collect my Data?

Our website collects your data for different reasons such as:

  • To contact you
  • To make you aware of available services
  • To inform you about upcoming discounts
  • To prevent fraudulent actions
  • For transactions purposes
  • To customize your page depending on your preference
  • To inform clients when there are changes on the website

Clients need to note that, we do not store the client’s financial information.

Why do you collect the Client’s Data?

 We collect the client’s data:

  • To provide you with information about our products and services
  • For legal purposes in the event that you have signed a contract with us
  • To contact you once you engage us for an assignment
  • To discuss our terms with us
  • To monitor your activities on the website

How do I share my Details with you?

 Most often, clients give us their information out of their own choice. They give us the information:

  • Through filling of forms
  • Through emails
  • Through the reviews and feedback on the comments section

What is the Purpose of using Cookies and Tracking Technologies?

 We use the cookies for analysis purposes and for easy facilitation of payments. Also, we use cookies in order for the user to use the verification method when logging in. However, the user may decide to use the cookies or not.


 Our website has a testimonial page where we post testimonials of people who have engaged us in the past. However, we post them with your permission. If you are not comfortable with that, we understand.

Do you Delete Client’s Data Later?

We delete the client’s chat history and any other activities they carried out on our website on request. This happens before the elapse of fourteen days from the time of the request. You only need to contact us and make a request and it will be done with much pleasure.

The privacy policy is subject to changes that are communicated to all clients in advance


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