Terms of Use

Terms of Use


Our team is committed to providing all clients with excellent and reliable services. We make sure our clients get fair conditions. The terms and conditions offer guidance to clients when engaging us for academic services. Some of the terms that are applicable to our website include the word us and we. These two words refer to our website while you refer to the client and any person using the services of our website. Anyone who chooses to engage us must abide by the terms and conditions discussed on our website. It is important that you go through all the terms and conditions before you engage us for any assignment. The terms and conditions are applicable for every client and all users of the website. Below are some of the terms and conditions. Let us go through them together.

Placing Orders


Any student placing an order must include the assignment’s instructions. They must also include the referencing styles to be used, a clear deadline, and the expectations they have for the task. Any assignment that lacks clear instructions shall not be accepted. The student will be solely liable for mistakes arising from lacking clear guidelines and instructions. In case you want to change the assignments, you need to do it early enough. We do not encourage students to add instructions once they place the order unless it is an extreme case.



Our management advises students to ensure that they get the approval of the assignment before they hand it over to us. Our site is used for legal purposes only.



Once you place an order, the next step is payment. All payments are made in advance. Our management hands over the assignment to writers once you make full payment. However, we allow for special arrangements with our clients depending on the length of the assignment. Also, we make adjustments in the case whereby we are offering discounts for assignments at that particular time. In case we allow the client to make payments in installments, they must pay their first installment before our writers start working on their assignment, and the last installment before they receive their completed assignment.

Discount Policy


Our team has your interests at heart, for this reason, we offer discounts every often. Communications about discounts are relayed through the website so you should keep checking our updates to grab the discounts. Clients should not make any demands for a discount once the discounting period elapses.

Trade Marks

Our logo and name are our sole property. No one is allowed to copy any part of our website for their personal or business use without our knowledge.

Copyright Statement


The rights stated in the policy section are reserved for our website. Every material and information is reserved for our site. We do not allow any outsider to copyright the materials. Our team only allows students to print the information on our website for their personal use. At no point should anyone use the information on our website for commercial purposes.

Limitation of Use

Information on our website is strictly for educational purposes. We provide academic help in all nursing areas. All clients above 18 years are allowed to access our website for any information they may require. Any student below that age will not be able to access information on the website.



Our management is solely responsible for charging clients membership fee and any other subscriptions.

Warranty and Limitation of Liability


  • The management has a right to suspend access to the website mostly, for maintenance purposes. Our team is not liable for your ability to access the site since we do not have any control over it. It is actually for your good. You will be able to receive better services after the update.
  • Any loss of data on your PC and server is entirely your responsibility. Our website uses great servers so it is not likely that you will experience challenges from our end.
  • Our team consists of experienced writers who have handled hundreds of assignments. We are therefore sure that no student fails when we work on your assignment. Consequently, we are not liable if any student fails in their exams. We can only assist with revisions and no refunds.
  • Our team is not liable for your ability to access our website for whatever reason. We only assist when it is a technical error on our side.


Refund and Revision Policy


Refer to the refund policy on the website

Privacy Policy


Please refer to the privacy policy on the website

Amendments on Terms and Conditions


The management reserve a right to amend different areas of a website at any time. The amended terms and conditions will automatically replace the previous ones.



The management of this website reserve the right to terminate the website’s agreements at any time. Clients who had signed an agreement before will have to cancel it and sign the current one.

Contact Us


For clarifications about our terms and conditions, you are free to write us an email, text or even call us.


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