BSN Capstone Project Ideas

When you are planning for your BSN capstone project writing, you can easily get confused on what idea to base your capstone project on due to the plenty of ideas that come to your mind. Under this confusion, you might end up settling for a capstone idea that is unreliable and generally lacks content to successfully complete a project.

If you are wondering what good BSN capstone project ideas are there to choose from, we are here to guide you through the whole process of choosing the best idea for your capstone project as well as deliver you a well-written capstone project. Without a doubt, there are plenty of BSN capstone project ideas out there that are yet to be explored and researched.

What are the BSN Capstone Project Ideas?

A BSN capstone project is an academic paper that seeks to consolidate practical work experience, experimentation, facts to help identify real-world setting issues, and application of class skills to develop an actionable solution. A BSN capstone project can either be based on research or problem-solving.

A BSN capstone project can be somewhere between 20 and 100 pages in length. The project should be compelling in arguments while exhibiting the choice of an excellent BSN capstone topic. BSN capstone projects are evidence-based practice projects and underpin best practices in various nursing fields.

A collective focus of the BSN projects is on how to implement technology into practice and effective care delivery. The project can also revolve around getting solutions for better healthcare management of the staff and staffing issues. When undertaking a BSN capstone project, it is important to work with a practicing professional – a capstone graduate to help you in your BSN capstone writing while offering real-world nursing experience and advice on the design and overall writing process.

How to Choose Top BSN Capstone Project Ideas

Most BSN students often complain that they are limited to topics for their capstone projects. However, the thing these students fail to realize is that there are plenty of ways to approach their capstone project topic choosing process. Here are some useful tips to help you unlock your capstone project idea should you get stuck:

Choose a topic or capstone project idea that is yet to be widely explored. This way, you will make a leeway that others who will come after you will follow. Besides, you will gain exceptional knowledge through conducting research, analysis, and interpretation.

Select BSN capstone project ideas that interest you. If you choose to go with a project topic on technology, for example, makes sure that your career goals align with nursing informatics or technology related aspect in nursing or healthcare.

Utilize the internet to search for reliable scholarly sources that back your BSN capstone ideas of choice. Without a doubt, you don’t want to settle for a BSN capstone project idea that lacks credible and reliable factors to support your idea. Consider going for strong and reliable BSN capstone ideas that can be supported by various theories, frameworks, and facts from several scholarly nursing sources and materials.

Gather a wide range of capstone project ideas and then narrow them down to about three to four topic ideas. Once you do this, you can then consult your BSN capstone project mentor or supervisor on the best topic or approach to take.

The truth is that making a successful BSN capstone project is daunting. However, choosing the best capstone project idea from the start makes the entire capstone writing process hassle-free and successful. If you are experiencing difficulty in choosing the right BSN capstone project idea, you can rely on our expert nursing capstone writers to help you settle on the best.

Potential Sources of Getting the Best BSN Capstone Project Ideas

As the saying goes, necessity is always a mother of invention, you need to be innovative when it comes to choosing your BSN capstone project topic. If you are wondering where to kick-start your BSN capstone project idea search, here are some of the best places to get the best capstone project ideas.

Peer-Reviewed Nursing Journals

For a serious BSN student, accessing the peer-reviewed journal database is a must. You can read through these medical or nursing journals while researching for the best research project ideas to base your capstone project. You have a very high chance of finding some useful insights from these journals.

Have you read the most recent nursing publication in journals? What are some of the ideas that you derived from the reading based on the nursing perspective? Are there issues therein open to debate in the nursing field? Or are there gaps in research that required more clarification to be understood?

Undoubtedly, when objectively reading nursing or medical articles that got published recently in a nursing-related journal, you can easily come up with credible capstone project ideas worthy of basing your capstone project on.

Nursing News Articles

Scholarly Google Search makes it extremely easy to search for the most recent news in any field. Think about mental health among veterans or elderly abuse in-home care in the news. You can get exceptional insights on whatever area you want to focus on. While reading through the news, chances are you will click on an idea that could be the most promising for your BSN capstone project.

Class Notes and Materials

The course objectives are always given before the start of the course and this can be the starting point to brainstorm for nursing capstone project topics. While reading the objectives, you will have a clue on what the end of the capstone project will look like. Besides, your class notes and reading materials can provide you with useful insights into capstone project ideas. Moreover, you can scrutinize your past nursing essays, concept papers, term papers, research paper, or case studies to come up with a viable BSN capstone project idea.

BSN Capstone Projects from Past Classes

You can skim through the past projects and see if you can come up with some ideas. Besides, you will realize that as you interact with the content, your mind will wander into insightful BSN capstone project ideas for your capstone project.

Clinical Rounds

Clinical rounds allow you to closely work with a preceptor as well as shadow your peers when there is a shortage. As such, you will learn a great deal from the clinical rounds. Moreover, you can convert the knowledge on your experiences you gain during clinical rounds and when you are offering care to the patients. At the end of your clinical rounds, you can be sure to come up with capstone project ideas that are more evidence-based.

BSN Capstone Project Ideas for Mental Health

Culture-based mental health programs

Using CBT for PTSD affected veterans

The link between homelessness and mental health issues

Use of expressive art therapy for positive youth development

Impacts of bullying at the workplace for new nurses

Impact of sexual abuse on children

How domestic violence affects the children

The use of cognitive-behavioral therapy techniques in psychiatric facilities

Development of a new mental health guide for educators

Health education approach for mentally ill patients

Substance abuse among the geriatric population

Addressing stigma among carers and patients with mental health issues

Substance abuse disorders

Child and adolescent psychiatry

Art therapy and mental health

Safety in the psychiatric centers

Health education approach for mentally ill population

Preventing falls in psychiatric facilities

Tobacco dependence

The link between heritage, arts, museums, and mental health

Outcome measures for an inpatient with mental health issues

Psychological rehabilitation readiness assessment

Mental health scales best for children in prison

Mental health nursing for adolescents

Effectiveness of mental health services for deaf services users

Psychological rehabilitation readiness assessment

Access to mental health services by aboriginals or a specific population

Mental illness and autonomous decision making

Outcome measures for an inpatient with mental health issues

Effectiveness of mental health services for deaf service users

Lateral violence among nurses

Understanding postnatal depression among women

Are intellectual disability nurses perceived differently from other nurses?

Mental health simulation models for ADN students

Preparing student nurses to manage trauma in clinical settings

BSN Informatics Capstone Project Ideas

Data governance in healthcare settings

Importance of clinical support decision making systems

Impacts of a healthcare data breach

HITECH Legislation and Electronic Medical Records in healthcare

The use of big data management in healthcare

Healthcare management information system

Ethics and data management in healthcare

Robotics in surgery

Nurses informatics competencies

The use of technology to bridge the nurse shortage gaps in rural areas

The impact of nursing informatics on patient outcomes and patient care efficiencies

Meaningful use and HIT

The use of big data in healthcare settings

Collaborative decision making through shared governance in healthcare

Adopting transformative technology such as CDSS in clinical settings

Integrating health informatics to nursing education

E-learning as a professional development approach among nurses

The use of electronic health records to offer patient-centered care

Barriers to competency development in nursing informatics

Role of nursing informatics in quality improvement

The use of smartphones in inpatient management and education

The use of simulation for nursing students

Significance of mHealth apps on mental healthcare access by rural populations

Use of electronic medical records in acute care

Nursing faculty perceptions on the use of computer-based virtual simulation in an associate degree nursing program

Women’s Health BSN Capstone Project Ideas

Diabetes management during pregnancy

Preeclampsia among women

Smoking and pregnancy

The link between HPV and cervical cancer

Preventing pregnant women from Zika Virus

Addressing mental health among pregnant women in rural areas

Infant mortality and preterm birth among African American women

Gestational diabetes management

Ectopic pregnancy

Impact of fibroids on women

Breast pumps and breastfeeding

Emergency contraception/ birth control

Menopause in women

Female genital mutilation and sexual health of women

Using codeine and tramadol products in breastfeeding women

Birth control approach among women

Nutritional management during pregnancy

Management of endometriosis

Epidural in induced births

Pelvic floor issues in women

Exclusive breastfeeding and immune levels of children

Factors that influence the decision to breastfeed

Uterine cancer and fibroid in women

Use of supplements when breastfeeding

Postmenstrual syndrome and hormonal changes

Urine incontinence in women

Constipation after cesarean surgery

Medical Surgery BSN Capstone Project Ideas

Bariatric surgery intervention for obese patients

Roles and responsibilities of nurses in OT

Operating room nurses and compassion fatigue

Complications of general anesthesia

Fumigation of OT

Burnout among anesthetists

Coronary artery bypass grafting

Role of the clinical nurse coordinator

Surgical osepsis

Causes and symptoms of Meningitis

Role of clinical nurse coordinator

Celiac disease management

Lyme diseases

Patient care involvement and intervention post-surgery

Complexity within the cardia intensive care unit environment

Minimally invasive gastrointestinal surgery

Preoperative, intraoperative, and postoperative phases of surgery

Improving safety in operating rooms

Operating room requirements and set up

Role of certified registered nurse anesthetist (CRNA)

Cataract and refractive surgery

Stem cells therapy in cancer

Surgical interventions for neurogenic shock

Interventional cardiology and surgery

Dermatitis management

Immunodeficiency disorder

Thyroid storm and crisis

Management of COPD

Peptic ulcers disease managements

Dengue hemorrhagic fever

Post-operative nursing practice in Asccitis

Pre and post-operative care for general surgery

Minor and significant surgery: Compare and contrast

Wound healing processes and management

Classification and management approaches to burn wounds

Application of thermal heating to prevent intraoperative hypothermia

An interdisciplinary approach to surgical interventions

Post-operative complications

Treatment of fire wounds

Nursing Leadership BSN Capstone Project Ideas

The role of nursing organization in shaping the future of nursing

Nurse leaders as change agents in healthcare settings

Pharmaceutical companies overpricing medication: Background and policy landscape

Differences between accountability among nurse leaders in developed nations and developing nations

Impact of recognition program on registered nurses’ motivation level

Comparing and contrasting nurse leadership roles in private and public hospitals

How nurse leaders can ensure team leadership for the best collaboration in healthcare teams

Defining nursing leadership

Role of nurse leaders in shaping public policy

Transactional leadership approach among nurses

The future of nurse leadership

Traits of a great nurse leader

Transactional leadership approach among nurses

Leadership characteristics that represent excellence

Strengths and weaknesses of charge nurses

Role of nurse managers in healthcare

Student nurse and leadership

Strategies to address the shortage of respiratory therapists and ventilators during disaster

Management styles in nursing

Improving nursing leadership skills

Effective nursing leadership styles

Nurse leadership qualities and behavior

Significance of communication among interprofessional team nurse leaders

Roles of nurse leaders in solving conflict in clinical settings

Challenges facing contemporary nurse leaders

How nurse leaders can address burnout among nurses

Organizational strategies nurse leaders can use to motivate the healthcare personnel

Importance of having a personal leadership philosophy as a nurse leader

Roles of nurse leaders in preventing violence in emergency rooms

Impacts of nurse engagement and inclusion on patient outcomes

Importance of ethical practices among nurse leaders

Long term and short term goals for clinical leaders

Role of transformational leadership among nurse managers

The link between nurse leadership in quality improvement projects

Significance of nurse leadership

Impact of nurse leadership on patient outcomes

Theories that support nurse leadership

How nurse leaders can initiate and manage change

Importance of nurse leaders in quality improvement projects

Professional development strategies for nurses

Importance of charismatic leadership among nurse leaders

What is leadership from a nurse perspective

The stress management approach for nurse leaders

Patient Falls BSN Capstone Project Ideas

Hospital-based fall program measurement and improvement in high-reliability organizations

Nursing interventions to prevent falls

The use of technology in fall prevention

Potential causes of falls in hospitals

Fall prevention strategies in hospitals

Evidence-based practices fall interventions strategies in hospital settings

Quality improvement program for reducing falls in medical-surgical units

Prevention of patient falls through education

The use of SPICES framework and FAMILY cards to assess old patients

The use of video and camera monitoring to prevent falls among elderly patients

Defining fall and fall risk patient

Role of hospital leadership in preventing patient falls

The Morse fall risk scale and its significance in fall risk assessment and management

Multifactorial interventions for the prevention of falls among elderly patients

Factors contributing to psychiatric patient falls in hospital

Use of exercise in reducing falls among elderly patients

Quality improvement program for reducing falls in medical-surgical units

Creating a safety culture that prevents falls

Multifactorial fall risk assessment

Medical staff attitude and knowledge about in-patient falls

Fall prevention practices at home

Impact of the design of healthcare stings/environment on patient fall

Nurse education on patient falls and safety culture

Patient fall rates in the acute care inpatient hospitals

Environmental assessment and modification as a fall management strategy

Standardized fall risk assessment tool

Home safety modifications to reduce fall injuries among geriatric patients

Impacts of visiting home nurses on reducing in-patient falls

Safety awareness activities for elderly patients

Role of pharmacists in addressing patient falls

An interdisciplinary approach to fall management in clinical settings

Strategies and tools to address patient falls in nursing homes

Hourly rounding and fall prevention among the elderly in long term care: A change process

General BSN Capstone Project Ideas

Integrating of healthcare systems

Patient portal underutilization influence by ethically and law income

The importance of taking the health history

Relationship between patient care and ability to pay

Reducing associated ventilator infections in hospitalized patients

Levels of evidence in nursing

A disease common with the aged population

Employee-based health insurance

Strategies to ensure healthy aging

Does pre-hospital rapid cooling of MAMA overdose improve clinical outcomes?

Affordable healthcare disparity in the US

Transforming from student nurse to registered nurse

Impact of organizational culture on the implementation of evidence-based practice

Legal and professional requirements for nursing progress notes

Patient advocacy and advanced practice

Implementing the IOM future of nursing

The use of chlorhexidine to reduce hospital-acquired infections

Improving the process of preventative care in HMO organizations for better outcomes

Examining the mental health of veterans

Managing complex adaptive healthcare organisations (using the theoretical domain framework –TDF)

Impact of leadership on health management

Associate degree nurses perceptions on motivators and

barriers to return to school for a bachelor’s of science degree in nursing

How nurses can cope with fatigue

The role of the government in improving nursing working conditions

Challenges encountered during nursing staffing and promotion

How COVID-19 has remodeled the nursing career

How to deal with problems arising from the wrong patient diagnosis

Evaluate the performance of an undergraduate nursing intern

How to prevent infections in nursing workstations

The effectiveness of robots in the nursing profession

Impact of night shifts on a nurse’s efficiency

Legal and ethical considerations among nurse leaders


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